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The Girl With Grey Eyes

Dear Reader,   This isn’t a story about a girl who goes through life with a smile on her face and a determination to face whatever the world throws at her. In fact Juliet was the complete opposite, she was… Continue Reading →

Hope: A Fools Paradise

It had started to rain today, a thick heavy rain, and I remembered my dad always telling me how the rain makes everything heavier, especially the silence. Even now in the hospital it seemed that everything had slowed down, the… Continue Reading →

Don’t Go Into The Woods

The moon was bright giving the long highway ahead of us a grey shadow, the surrounding forest thick and never ending. We had been driving for hours now and I was pretty sure that Henry had gotten us lost. “Henry… Continue Reading →

Devil Costume

Jennifer Fairson, she was one of those popular girls at school with the perfect blond hair, pouty lips, and blue eyes; you should have seen how they filled with pure terror when I stabbed her right in the stomach. I… Continue Reading →

I Am From

I am from warm summer afternoons, filled with laughter and joy as I played around the yard with the summer sun tangled in my hair and the soft earth beneath my feet. I am from nights filled with whispers and giggles, from… Continue Reading →

Black Hood Murderer in Brightwood

Michael Fitz dead body was found  20 miles down stream after being pushed off the Brightwood bridge. Sarah Jenson, the main witness to this shocking event, says that she was taking a jog and upon hearing some commotion, decided to… Continue Reading →

Living With a Sister

My parents never told me that was getting a little sister, I remember thinking, with my pea sized, adolescent brain, that my mom was getting fat because she ate to much candy. Then one day they show up with this… Continue Reading →

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